Magda Baciu
Founder @House Of Progress

A few words from the founder

Gone are the days when the only job of an online marketer was to set advertising campaigns and build partnerships. Businesses that were able to build and sustain exponential growth, chose to work with online marketers who have a solid knowledge of product, data and engineering.

This is what we call Growth Hacking, but to put it simply - it’s about understanding potential customers at a very deep level, knowing where and how to look data, all the while being creative and acting upon well-defined processes that you can master and build scalable solutions. And fast.

Doing this repeatedly for our clients is what we stand for. We know every case is different, hence we keep ourselves miles away from the same cookie cutter solutions for everyone.

What we believe in?

For innovation to happen, it needs people willing to make suggestions, come up with new ways of doing things, while not being afraid of doing mistakes. We love curious people that explore new “territories” and bring that positive energy.
Problem Solving
Finding solutions for a challenge requires creative thinking and a drive to learn new things. It’s one of the most important skills nowadays, especially within startups, because while getting trained it’s also important to work in an independent way such there is no need for micromanagement.
The technology area is extremely dynamic and you meet with challenges on a daily basis. You have to crave learning while staying humble. The only way you can deliver significant value is by being patient with yourself during the learning process and keeping the passion and ambition.
A great mind once said: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. It’s very important to know yourself and to experience diverse professional activities but at a certain point you have to take a decision. What’s that thing you’ll get great at and bring value others? Where I invest all my energy in. That makes a tremendous difference and I learnt on my skin, deciding to focus on one business niche.

Ready for success?

Magda Baciu
Founder @ House of Progress